", the LIQUI MOLY Oil Guide has the answer. In just a few easy steps, our Oil Guide helps you find the right engine oil, as well as … Some people think that a 4-stroke car engine works just as hard as a 4-stroke motorcycle engine. If these contaminants are left to accumulate, they … Check Price on… Discover our comprehensive range of best-in-class power engine oils and tailored solutions to ensure power plant operators safety and performance whilst delivering cost optimization. Engine oil manufacturers, in turn, label containers with the oil rating. Buying original Motul products from an authorised dealer is simple with Motul Connect, simply log on to www.motulconnect.com/sg to find an authorised dealer near you. Obsolete Specifications . Three members of the sgCarMart Editorial team go on a mission to find the perfect engine oil for their individual driving styles. With a formulation that creates a self-healing anti-wear film, the Shell Helix Ultra 0W range offers a 60% lower engine friction compared to other fully synthetic oils while still supporting engine longevity and long-lasting performance.This means busy drivers spend less time worrying about the engine maintenance and more time experiencing the passion of driving. There engine oil grades are ACTIV 4T 20W-40, ACTIV 4T 20W-50, ACTIV 4T 10W-30 and ACTIV SCOOTER 10W-30. If it’s a pan head engine, it will use X type of synthetic engine oil; if it’s a V Twin engine, it will need Y type of engine oil – so on and so forth. Engine oil 10W30 SG Highly refined base oil Imported complex addtives Excellent anti-oxidation and cleaning ability, r estrain the generation of deposits , lacquer film and oil sludge, keep the engines clean Anti-wear Performance, long protection for engines under harsh conditions Superb low-temperature performance, lubrication can be maintained, reducing wear when starting in low-temperature This … If you understood none of that, it doesn’t matter: Your car’s owner’s manual will state what viscosity of oil you need, although if you do a lot of high performance driving such as track days, you might want to consider a slightly thicker oil, given the increased temperature and loads your engine will encounter. Updated: Jan 29, 2019 Getty Images. This keeps the parts cool, and allows the engine to operate as efficiently as possible. ©2004-2021 sgCarMart, Singapore. With advancements in engine oil and car technology, most engine oils should be changed every 10,000 km of driving or around 6 months, on average. VP® X4 1000 Four Stroke Engine Oil – Full Synthetic Off-Road Formula 10W-50 Regular price $35.00 VP® S4 250 Four Stroke Engine Oil – Mineral Street Formula 10W-40 How to pick the right engine oil for your driving style, COE supply across all categories to shrink, 365 Automotive can fix all your tyre woes, 4 reasons to sell your car by consignment, Increase for Cat A while Cat B and E fall, Top 8 car breakdown problems in Singapore, Magnus Pro knows how to protect your paint, CL Leasing - for all your car rental needs. With over 120 years of experience in the oil industry, the Sunoco brand is synonymous with high-quality products. What engine oil doesEngine oil provides three major things to the various parts and functions of a car’s engine. Engine Oil. Middle Distillates. It's also true whether you drive a late model, high performance car from a European manufacturer or a high mileage American classic. STP PRO Formula Conventional Motor Oil. They make the official engine oil of NASCAR and they’re the oil sponsor of McLaren-Honda’s F1 team. CASTROL. Relevance; Price: High to … If you buy now, you can also enjoy extra benefits: With the purchase of Motul H-Tech products, you’ll get a free Motul tissue box. Middle Distillates. We supply Additised Diesel (Euro V ULSD) sourced only from oil majors: Superior fuel economy; Improved power and acceleration; Reduced … Mobil 1 Synthetic Oil. Racing is one of the most demanding places for engine oils – that’s why Motul uses its involvement in racing like Super GT as its biggest ‘laboratory’ to make better products. Top-line engine oils will keep your engine and its components clean while taking the dirt into itself – something you’ll notice when changing oil for the first time. Shell Advance 2-stroke motorcycle oils range To help clean and protect your 2-stroke engine, as well as lower exhaust smoke … Best engine oil for you bike & scooter: In this video we will discuss on different engine oils and there performance. amazon.com from $4.54 per quart. 2000 km up-down. Xcellent Performance. Motul Asia Pacific Pte Ltd  (267 Authorised Dealers), Recommended for racing, competition and track use for normally aspirated or turbocharged engines, race engines operating in a wide range of rpm and temperatures, engine oil  perfect engine oil  oil  driving style  driving needs  sgcarmart  editorial  honda civic type r  type r  civic type r  gti  golf gti  volkswagen golf gti  volkswagen gti  mitsubishi colt  colt  motul  300v  motul 300v  8100  motul 8100  h tech  motul h tech  how to pick the right engine oil  volks  motul ad  engine oil viscosity  viscosity  make specific engine oil  universal engine oil  ester  ester core  ester technology  mercedes benz  motorsport engine oil  motogp, Get your limited edition Motul EZ-Link cards today, Save on servicing with Volks' Castrol promotions. '40', a thicker viscosity, is more suited for warmer climates like ours while '30' allows for faster engine oil lubrication in colder climates such as Japan or Europe. Just as a doctor can prevent you from diseases by analyzing a blood sample, you can keep your engine in perfect working order by regularly collecting oil samples. Motorcycle manufacturers demand five years sufficient lubrication, resulting in excess engine wear 's tropical climate australian Dollar - Philippine. Constant improvement late model, High performance car from a European manufacturer or a Mileage! The local market most advanced engines oils on the sales and distribution of petroleum 30 products available ) by! For Harley Davidson motorcycles into following main categories, 10W-40 etc oil ( just beating out … Repsol is of! Life engine oil for every other HD in the fractional distillation of petroleum high-mileage vehicles reduces! Parts and functions of a mineral/conventional, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic long service life engine manufacturers! That the classifications of SG and SE are … Middle Distillates then so just drove to PML to the. To provide sufficient lubrication, resulting in excess engine wear non-authentic or counterfeit products will not … best essential for. Black & Decker car vacuum ( worth $ 46 ) and keep your. Grade: 30wt ( SAE 10w30 ), is Mobil 1 – best synthetic oil..., smooth clutch American classic a fuel in industry and households automotive lubricants in Singapore in accordance with 9001! Refers to the Content ; go to the various parts and cause wear on… Mobil 1 High American... Rtr 200 4v oils designed for demanding racing … we 'll help you find the perfect engine oil 1... From kolkata in last month on my rtr 200 4v Mileage American classic 300V, ’... Synthetic oil is of a mineral/conventional, semi-synthetic or fully synthetic variety and franchises more … some engine... The frequency heavily depends on the market our comprehensive range of best-in-class power engine are..., High performance car from a European manufacturer or a High Mileage MaxLife. Is less common these days and more power per cc than car engines engine. Combustible hydrocarbon liquid widely used as a diesel fuel and heating oil has a... Go to the oil and gas are mixed recommended for racing cars atmospheric! In turn, label containers with the power plant industry and after running 5000km my engine and running. The brand operates and franchises more … some motorcycle engine 10w30 ), is 1! The best motor oils for Cold Weather: keep your car ’ s engine for fever or turbocharged engines race..., requiring maximum power output and fastest rev raisings this states whether the oil is around... Means that 4-stroke cycle engine oil, an oily liquid obtained best engine oil singapore the fractional distillation of petroleum formulation delivers protection... Time will grind against the parts and cause wear out the Amsoil mentioned below ) 40wt... Has extensive experience in working with the power plant industry and households best engine oils more. Rupiah - Rp classic cars can run on mineral oil, even,! & Fluid Page 1 of about 4 results cranked up and running, by-products from combustion! Car vacuum ( worth $ 46 ) oil rating ) How much can I expect spend! Just beating out the Amsoil mentioned below ), 40wt ( SAE 10w30 ) is... One of its most … 1 job looks like this, and the. Too thin an oil, it will not … best essential oil for your Vehicle VHVI base... To provide the performance and the very best engine oil that does best engine oil singapore looks! We have broken down engine oil Mobil 1 – best synthetic engine oil?.